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Ask Jeff about the Disocunt Program
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Buyers Get Results!
I offer full representation and fast results for Buyers looking for all types of properties!
 Single Family Homes  Golf Course Properties
 Townhomes/Condos  Horse Properties
 New Construction  Lots/Land
 Lofts  Active Living Communities
 Waterfront Properties  Investment Properties
I use a state-of-the-art computer search for thousands of properties on the market updated minute-by-minute around the clock including photos. I provide full valley-wide coverage and deliver information fast by email, fax or mail. I am committed to helping my clients every step of the way including getting qualified, locating properties and successfully handling the escrow process.
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Mortgage Calculator
 Calculate your monthly mortgage payment
Interest Rate
Loan Amount
Annual Tax
Annual Insurance
Monthly Principle + Interest
Monthly Tax
Monthly Insurance
Estimate Your Mortgage
To estimate how much of your monthly income you should allot for your mortgage, take your gross monthly income (before taxes and other deductions) and multiply it by 28% or 0.28. For example, if you make $4500 a month, take 28% of that ($4500 times 0.28) and you get $1260.

Note: this is an approximation.
How Much Do You Qualify For?
Mortgage companies use qualifying ratios to determine the largest mortgage you can afford. Most mortgage companies use a 28/36 ratio. The first number is the percentage of your gross income that the lender considers acceptable as a monthly mortgage payment.
The second number is used to figure your total indebtedness limit. All your monthly debt payments, including your mortgage, car loans, and credit cards, should not exceed 36% of your gross monthly income. For example, if you make $4500 monthly, your indebtedness, including the mortgage, should not exceed $1620 ($4500 times 0.36).
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